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Our Team

Jackson Perry - Director
Marketing Manager for a leading private English language school in Auckland prior to joining Feedback, and now CEO of associate company Centre for Advanced Medicine Ltd.

Megan Perry - Director
Formerly Research Director for a leading New Zealand research company, with 11 years experience in the field of consumer and social research.  

Mike Fitzpatrick - Scientific Officer
Well known Bio-Chemist and water quality specialist with extensive experience in environmental health related issues.  Developed bio-medical tests for Ascorbic Acid for the clinic above, and provides leadership to our laboratory and scientific team.

Melissa Ge - Laboratory Technician
Skilled analyst with special interest in Ascorbic Acid in human pathology. Also experienced in method development for Hort Research and is currently developing new test capabilities using our Beckman Coulter Plate Reader.  Maintains our extensive research library covering environmental and nutritional medicine.

Interest & Links

Soy Online

Eco Innovation
Course in remote power generation and excellent resources for power saving.  They do great things with washing machines...
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